Cannabis Consultation

Michael Minardi, Esq., has been advocating and fighting for a change in cannabis laws for over 19 years. He is dedicated to freeing the plant and assisting people in entering this new and exciting industry.

Minardi Law provides services to those wishing to enter the Hemp and Medical Marijuana businesses in Florida and throughout the United States. These services include: incorporating your business, Hemp cultivation, processing, and retail licensing applications, medical marijuana licensing applications, intellectual property agreements, zoning issues, and lobbying and governmental affairs related to the cannbis industry. Contact us for a consultation.

As applicable laws change, we are committed to keeping our clients consistently updated with the information you will need to remain in compliance and to understand how the changes will impact your business.

We have the ability, experience, and know-how to take your desires about the industry and make them reality.

We are available to lobby your elected officials to create policies and regulations that are beneficial to a free market and to our clients’ interests and needs, ensuring the patients and adults of Florida have a safe way to obtain marijuana in the state.

Contact us now to setup a consultation as to how you can be involved in this budding new marketplace with help from the firm that sets the gold standard for the new green industry.

One-Time Consultation

This is a 60 min. meeting during which you will have a discussion about what aspect of the cannabis industry you wish to get involved in. We will provide you with a roadmap of the steps we suggest you take to do what you want in this blooming industry. This includes hemp and medical cannabis law issues from cultivation to distribution. No ongoing attorney-client relationship is established. Topics include: creating a sustainable medical cannabis operation, state law, federal law (including federal sentencing), federal law enforcement realities, federal income tax law, how to determine what services you can provide, and zoning issues.

Incorporation Package

This engagement includes the basics to get your business incorporated, filing the necessary documents with the State of Florida, requesting a Federal Employer Identification Number, and filing the appropriate IRS documents for your taxes. We suggest you begins with a 1-hour consultation prior to engaging us for this package. In addition to the basic package, you can also engage us to provide additional services to ensure you have all the necessary protections needed to succeed. This incudes other corporate compliance documents such as: Bylaws, Operating Agreement, Bylaws, Waiver of Notice and Consent to Holding of the First Board of Directors Meeting, Minutes of the First Board of Directors Meeting, member Rules and Policies, notice of the first membership meeting and a Membership Disclosure Document. Our attorneys and staff will be available to answer questions specifically relating to your incorporation process or about any of the documents that we have prepared for you, but this is not an open-ended engagement.

One-Year Representation

pre-paid, non-refundable

This engagement is geared to create a long term relationship between the client and firm. This relationship could include everything from setting up your corporation to assisting you with ongoing business to ensure you stay in compliance with state and federal law. We will be beside you every step of the way to insure your business stays in compliance with the constantly changing laws, rules and, regulations on the state and federal level. This representation allows you to have an attorney on call for any of your business needs including, to draft and review contracts, to assist with licensing and zoning needs, to assist with landlord-tenant contracts, to consult about tax issues, and to provide general business advice. In short, you have access to our time and our expertise for a full year. This does not include appearances at hearings or litigation of any kind.

Two-Year Representation

payment schedule permitted

This engagement includes all of the above services. Additionally, you have retained us for two full years to insure your business stays in compliance with the constantly changing laws, rules and, regulations on the state and federal level. In short, you have our availability, our time and our expertise during the crucial first years of your businesses’ operation. This does not include appearances at hearings or litigation of any kind.
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